Our clients experience

Hi Peter,
Love to give you some feedback; for the first time in the last 10 years I can finally use my bicycle again and take my daughter with me for a ride.

I was skeptical because of the price of the ROM-Pedal, but now I think that it is well worth the money spent.

Thank you again.

The ROM-Pedal arrived yesterday. My husband is absolutely delighted with it.
He can keep his foot on the pedal and not stick his leg out to let the pedal pass his leg. He is now cycling properly. It is very well made and worth every penny.

Thank you very much

Good evening,
Just to thank you for this fantastic piece of equipment; it has given my wife the freedom to use her bicycle again after a knee replacement left her with poor flexibility.

This evening I experienced an unbelievable moment. For the first time in 39 years I can cycle again without my right leg hanging loose and without my right foot slipping off the pedal. I am very happy. This does something to me.
I thank you very much for your invention.

I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to use the ROM-Recover during my rehabilitation. It really helped to exercise at home as well. Since a couple of days I can manage without, still with some effort. But I expect that will be solved within a few days if I keep exercising.
If my other knee needs surgery as well I will definitely get in contact with you again.
Thanks from a very happy user!

I would like to compliment you on your fantastic ROM-Pedal, using it since a year. Before I needed to rest after each 2 or 3 miles to stretch my hip and had a lot of pain. Now I can cycle in a relaxed way and do not need to stop that much. I use the middle hole, so there’s room to switch to the smallest angle, if needed at a later stage. Which is a comforting feeling.

Meanwhile I have cycled around 40 miles with the ROM-Pedal and I am very enthusiastic. My problem is an arthrodesis and as a result I cannot move my hip. The circle of the ROM-Pedal is smaller than with the crank shortener I was using before. Now I experience less compensating back moves and my cycle position is more relaxed.

Many thanks for the good service!

It is wonderful that I can take the bike for a small shopping or visit. I cycle in a mediate speed and most important; without pain!
Using the ROM-Pedal makes me feel having back my normal life.
Many thanks!

What an awesome invention, I am so glad; I can cycle again!
Wind blows in my hair and my legs can move again. Top! I am very happy.
And I really appreciated your service to try the ROM-Pedal first (without costs).

So glad someone drew my attention to Fietsen op Maat.
I will not be able to bend my knee any further but cycling goes excellent with the ROM-Pedal. I can also easily install it onto another bike if I want to rent a bike when on holiday.

Today I returned the rented ROM-Pedal to you. I am very happy and using it was perfect. It is a fine solution and helped me to accelerate my recovery.
Thanks and I will definitely promote you to other fellow sufferers.

My knee is worn and I was unable to cycle on my bike (e-bike). My physiotherapist advised me to buy a ROM-Pedal. I have already used it for a couple of weeks and I’m very happy with the result.
I do not need to bend my knee that much and my leg is getting more powerful.
The installation manual is very straight forward; I installed the ROM-Pedal myself in 10 minutes and I am not a technical person.
A very happy client!

What an enormous pleasure to cycle again after more than 17 years, thanks to the ROM-Pedal! At the beginning a stiff knee was the result but this recovered after a night sleep. It improved day by day and muscle power increased as well.

Really awesome, I enjoy my freedom. The ROM-Pedal is a super solution for people with limited knee bend. Actually I had already given up, but thanks to this solution I still cycle.

Peter, thanks for your great support! People may call me to share experiences or for installation support, because fine tuning is important.

After two knee surgeries (prosthesis) my wife was forced to quit cycling. Now, five years later and after many physiotherapist sessions she finally can use her bicycle again. With the help of the ROM-Pedal, what a great invention! Really recommended for people with knee problems! Thanks again for the smooth delivery and the clear installation manual.

Now she just enjoys!

My bicycle shop owner in Hoogerheide took care of the installation of the ROM-Pedal. Since that moment I have already cycled 100 miles and after 2 years without cycling I enjoy it more than ever! A recommendation for everyone with knee bending problems (less than 90 degrees). For me meanwhile an indispensable product.

Last week I tried the ROM-Pedal on my e-bike and it is an outstanding product. As you know I have a prosthesis on my left leg, and with the ROM-Pedal cycling goes smoothly and the prosthesis stays perfectly in place. In other words, Peter I’m a very happy person. Your work is fantastic, thanks!

After she installed the ROM-Pedal Mrs. Van Amstel (ca 50 years old) is able to cycle again, without pain. Before she used the crank shortener for more than 3 years with a 70-80 degrees knee bending. With the crank shortener she managed to cycle short distances but due to the unnatural cycling position and pedal rotation this became painful after 10 minutes.
Mrs.Van Amstel has a new knee, but due to scar tissue her knee bending is limited.

A couple of years ago we purchased the ROM-Rehab to install on one of the exercise bikes in our physiotherapy practice. This enabled our clients to start cycling shortly after surgery (earlier than before), which has a positive effect on the rehabilitation process.
The ROM-Rehab is a good, trustworthy product, and doing a good job in our practice for a couple of years. To full satisfaction of both our clients and physiotherapists.

The ROM-Pedal works fine for our client!
After driving in a mobility scooter for four years, this man can cycle again! He is very happy with the solution.
Many thanks for your excellent service.
If we encounter comparable problems in the future, we know how to find Fietsen op Maat!