Cycle up to your needs

‘FIETSEN OP MAAT’ (Cycle up to your needs) is a Dutch company specialized in developing cycling devices for people with a limited leg, knee or hip function.

For people with a limited function in their hip or knee, a good cycling device wasn’t available so far. Due to this, my mother was not able to cycle anymore. This had a great impact on her daily life.

This was the reason for us to develop the right solution for her cycling problem. During this process we discovered that there are so much more people with knee or hip issues who want to keep or restore their mobility with their present (electric) bike. The heartwarming reactions we received from so many happy users, encourage us to promote the existence and use of our eccentric pedal device (also called pedal pendulum, eccentric or swing crank).

‘Fietsen op Maat’ is specialized in developing cycling devices that fit all existing bikes and exercise bikes.

The eccentric pedal device

eccentric pedal deviceThe eccentric pedal device that we developed is the perfect solution for people who are no longer able to fully bend their knee or hip.

On top of that it helps people to have a speedy recovery after a knee or hip surgery. By using the eccentric pedal device cycling exercises can start in a much earlier stage. On top of that it will also give people the possibility to work independently on their recovery.

Also people with lower leg prostheses, implants or other orthoses will be able to cycle again with our eccentric pedal device.

The crank shortener

The crank shortener is the perfect solution for people who have a difference in leg length and for those who cannot reach the pedals when it is placed in the downward position.


For more information, please visit the specific pages for each device on our website. Or you can always contact us by email or phone.

We wish you lots of joy in riding your bike again!

Peter ReichardtPeter Reichardt