Speed-up your recovery and regain your mobility back on the bike

With a limitation in bending your knee, hip or prosthesis it is difficult to make the full pedal rotation on your bike or exercise bike.

With the help of the ROM-solution, only for the leg in question, bending of your knee, hip or prosthesis will be needed less to make the full pedal rotation. All ROM-solutions are adjustable from 70 until 110 degrees bending (flexion) while the leg stretch (extension) on both sides will remain unchanged.

How this works is shown in the picture below.

ROM, Pedaling circle rom solution fahrrad

All ROM-solutions are developed for existing bikes, exercise bikes or ergometers and they all work identically. Only the fixation against the existing crank (pedal arm) and the switch in settings are different in each solution.

Neutralize a difference in leg length with a crank shortener.

A difference in leg length you neutralize with a crank shortener. Also for those who cannot reach the pedals in the most downward position (for example children).

Crank shortener, Pedalling solutions leg length difference