We are happy to help you cycling again

Which solution fits you best, depends on your personal situation and the way you want to make use of the cycling device.

Do you recognise yourself in one of these situations?

Lower your saddle! Having your saddle in a lower position, your knee or hip needs to extend less.

Without an adapted shoe (without height adjustment) you can solve this problem with a crank shortener.
View the crank shortener

Using a prosthesis in some cases it is difficult to achieve the full pedal rotation. The ROM-Pedal is the right solution and can be installed to the maximum bending of your prosthesis. Also with a reversible plastic knee the ROM Pedal can help.
View the ROM-Pedal

Immediately after surgery the ROM-Recover enables you to make the full pedal rotation in a controlled way. You can do this at home, on your exercise bike.
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Cycling keeps your joints flexible. A good start of the day or just before the start of your physiotherapy treatment.
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Is your situation not listed here?

Please contact us via the contact form or via email. Or call us on: +31 (0)20 777 4075. Even if you are unsure about the right solution.