ROM-Recover for revalidation on your exercise bike

After surgery, the ROM-Recover allows people to speed up their recovery by the immediate start of bike exercises.

Doing your exercises at home on an exercise bike during your rehabilitation is pleasant and will have a positive effect on the recovery. The ROM-Recover enables the user to make the full pedal rotation directly after a knee or hip surgery. This device is suitable for people with a new knee or hip, or after a ligament surgery. The ROM-Recover will boost and motivate people to work independently on their recovery at home. This device is adjustable according to the level of progress made and fits on every type of exercise bike.

With a minimum knee bending (flexion) the full pedal rotation can be made with the ROM-Recover. This is demonstrated in the video below.

Most important features

  • Start cycling immediately after surgery
  • Adjustable according to the progress made. Starts from 70 towards 110 degree flexion
  • Suitable to every exercise bike
  • Easy to install.

The ROM-pedal is made of high-quality aluminum, anodized in a neutral finishing.

Your exercise bike

The ROM-Recover will be mounted against the existing crank (pedal arm) of your exercise bike. Two types of the ROM-Recover are available. Which type to use depends on the type of crank on your exercise bike.

  • Type 1: so called ‘one piece crank’ with 1/2 inch (12,7 mm) pedal threat provision
  • Type 2: Crank with 9/16 inch (14,3 mm) pedal threat provision

    A clear installation manual will be provided which enables you to start immediately with your revalidation

    Ordering or more information needed?

    If you have any questions regarding the ROM-Recover, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone.

    • Price per piece: € 189,- (including 21% VAT).
    • Parcel shipment:
      • € 16,- within the EU
      • € 25,- outside the EU.

    Note: all prices are excl. import duties and taxes, if applicable.

    Please use the following description when placing your order:
    • ROM-Recover, left leg (Type 1)
    • ROM-Recover, left leg (Type 2)
    • ROM-Recover, right leg (Type 1)
    • ROM-Recover, right leg (Type 2)