The crank shortener compensates for a difference in leg length.

It also allows you to place both feet firmly on the pedals

fietsenopmaat crankverkorter voor en zijaanzicht

Crank Shortener

A crank shortener is our solution for people with a difference in leg length. The shortened pedal arm elegantly resolves the length difference and allows you to cycle without issue. The shortener also resolves the problem of both feet not reaching the pedals.

The crank shortener can be installed against the existing crank of your cycle and is completely adjustable, fitting all cranks up to 40mm wide. This solution is universal and comes with a left and right screw thread to attach your existing pedal to the crank shortener.

The crank shortener of ‘Fietsen op Maat’ is made of high-quality aluminium and is available in neutral or black.

The ROM-pedal is the solution for limited knee or prosthetic bend.